SignageUp @ ISE 2018


SignageUp! makes managing the content on your screens easy.
Use it to control one screen, or a thousand with full control from anywhere in the world.

Manage your videos

Manage your videos, your images or your content as you prefer


Upload your contents

Login in SignageUp! secure server, and upload your media. SignageUp! automatically analyze and convert them if necessary. No more confusion with media file formats.



Schedule your playlists and enjoy them. SignageUp! automatically set up all the projects for you and updates them to the screens


SignageUp! on LG WebOS Display

Wide compatibility with external sensors and input devices

SignageUp! can use RFID sensor, NFC sensor or barcode readers as input devices.
Every sensor can be connected to a specific media, and it is possible to create a navigation tree for Digital Signage Contents.
SignageUp! is also compatible with Display sensors and devices, like Beacon and WIFI.

LG Portrait Digital Signage powered by SignageUp!


SignageUp! is embedded on LG WebOS Display, without external hardware

SignageUp! is available on all WebOS Display.

NO need of extra hardware and NO Players connected
Plug only the power cord and go live.
Clean installation, wireless connection and 24/7 operating time.

Automatic video conversion

Images and videos with their best shape

Feel free to focus only on the contents of your communication, all the rest is handled automatically.
Thanks to the integration of the AnyVideo Converter HD software directly into the SignageUp cloud server, every uploaded media is analyzed and, if necessary, converted and optimized for the best visualization.

deutsche bank digital signage
LG Portrait Digital Signage powered by SignageUp!

Landscape or Portrait

Create your communication in the format you prefer, you can managed it in a flexible and dynamic way.

Depending on the type of communication, the display can be positioned in landscape or in portrait mode. In those cases, the related medias must also be studied to be displayed in the chosen mode.

SignageUp is engineered to work perfectly in landscape or portrait. Simply indicate the orientation of the display to have all the necessary features setted up. Each media will always be displayed in the best way, with pixel perfect visualization without compromise on any display size.

example of display orientation

Main Features

Some of the SignageUp! main features
1080p FullHD

FullHD 60 fps

FullHD resolution 1920x1080 at 60 frames per second

4K UltraHD

4K Ultra HD

4K 3840x2160 resolution at 60 frames per second on compatible displays

Software in cloud

100% in Cloud

No software to install, all network is managed online directly on cloud

Store & Play

Store & Play

All contents are downloaded in background and then played, No streaming, no interrumption



Each content can have a temporal validity and can only be viewed within two dates

You can set a validity range for any content



SignageUp! grows with your needs, providing all the power you need to manage your network

Start & Pause

Time Management

Management of operating times with switching on, switching off and daily pauses



Available in a wide number of displays and systems



designed to work 24/7